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Ooly Markers – Yummy Yummy Fruit Scented

Yummy Yummy Fruit-Scented Markers: Where Vibrant Colours Meet Delightful Scents!

Product Description:
Unleash a kaleidoscope of colour and a symphony of scents with OOLY’s set of 12 Fruitastically Scented Markers. Not only do these markers cover every hue in the rainbow, but they also tantalise the senses with delightful fruity fragrances. Perfectly pointed tips offer precision and versatility, ensuring your artwork is as detailed as it is vibrant. And with their washable nature, a little artistic mishap is never a concern!

Key Features:

🌟 Rainbow Range: Featuring a comprehensive palette, from deep blacks to vivid pinks and everything in between.

🍎 Fruitful Fragrance: Every stroke not only brings vibrant colour but also wafts of wonderful fruity scents, elevating your creative experience.

🎨 Precision Pointed Tips: Designed for precision, these markers ensure every detail is captured effortlessly.

💧 Mess-Free: Crafted to be washable, these markers understand that sometimes creativity can get a tad messy!

Why Choose OOLY’s Yummy Yummy Fruit-Scented Markers?
Dive into an immersive artistic experience where each colour not only paints your canvas but also tantalises your senses. Perfect for those looking to add a fragrant twist to their creative journey!

  • Ages 3+
  • Set of 12
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