Ooly Scratch & Scribble – Princess

Princess Scratch and Scribble Kit: Unleash the Hidden Royalty!

Product Description:
Step into a world of enchantment with the Princess Scratch and Scribble art kit. Beneath every scratch lies a tale of royalty, waiting to be discovered. With 4 intricate guided illustrations, even the youngest artists can reveal breathtaking princess artworks. But why stop there? Exercise your creative prowess with 2 rainbow and 2 sparkle cards, revealing vibrant hues and shimmer as you etch your designs. And the magic doesn’t halt once the scratching ends – frame these masterpieces, fashion them into delightful characters, or dive deeper into the sparkling sticker sheet for more scratch-art adventures.

Key Features:

🌟 Guided Artwork: Four detailed illustrations make it a breeze for kids to uncover majestic princesses, ensuring they feel accomplished with every piece.

🎨 Boundless Creativity: Beyond the guided paths, 2 rainbow and 2 sparkle cards await your personal touch, revealing vibrant colours and glimmers beneath.

✂️ More Than Just Cards: After scratching, these artworks can transform! Frame them, snip out designs for playful characters, or even use them as unique decorative pieces.

Why Choose the Scratch & Scribble – Princess kit?
With the Princess Scratch and Scribble Kit, every scratch is a step closer to a fairy tale. Whether you’re following the guides or charting your own artistic journey, an enchanting world of royalty and sparkle awaits!

  • Ages 6+
  • 4 Illustrated scratch cards
  • Drawing tool & sparkled sticker sheet