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Ooly Markers – Seeing Double/5

Seeing Double Fine Double Tip Markers: Dual Delight in Every Stroke!


Product Description:
Experience the novelty of a marker that effortlessly doubles the fun. Introducing the Seeing Double Fine Double Tip Markers, a distinctive set offering two complementary colours on each end. Enliven your writing or sketches with an instant dual-toned effect. These fine-point felt tip markers (1mm each tip) pack two unique shades in one, primed to enhance your journals, planners, or to craft standout invitations. And for hand-lettering enthusiasts? A perfect partner awaits! No expertise required; simply let your creativity flow for singular results.


Key Features:

🌟 Double-Sided Marvel: Each marker offers two harmonising colours, making every stroke distinct.

🖍 Precision Point: A fine tip (1mm) ensures precision and detail in every creation.

🎨 Versatile Application: Ideal for planners, journals, hand-lettering, and even crafting unique art pieces or invitations.

Why Choose Seeing Double Fine Double Tip Markers?
Venture beyond the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary with markers that make every creation uniquely vibrant. Whether it’s detailed work or bold strokes, indulge in twice the colour with half the effort!


  • Age 8+
  • 17 x 8 x 2 cm
  • Set of 5 double-tip markers
  • 1 mm tip
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