Ooly Scratch & Scribble Mini – Fish

Scratch & Scribble Mini – Fish: Dive into a Rainbow Ocean Adventure!

Product Description:
Embark on a vibrant underwater journey with the Fish Scratch Art Kit. Crafted for both guided and freeform artistic expression, this kit allows you to uncover vivid rainbow-hued marine life waiting beneath the scratch surface. Whether you’re following the guidelines on the 4 pre-illustrated fish-themed cards or venturing into your own artistic depths with the blank cards, the wooden stylus is your key to a mesmerising oceanic revelation.

Key Features:

🌟 Marine-Themed Art: Dive into the 4 pre-illustrated cards, each teeming with unique fish designs, ready to burst into radiant colours with your touch.

πŸ– Freedom to Create: Channel your inner artist with 2 blank DIY rainbow cards, allowing you to craft your very own underwater masterpiece.

🌈 Complete Artistic Set: Equipped with every essential, including a wooden stylus, this kit ensures that your scratch art escapade can commence wherever you are.

⏱ Compact for Travel: Measuring a convenient 10 x 15 cm, this set is designed for on-the-move creativity, making it a perfect travel companion.

Why Dive into the Fish Scratch Art Kit?
More than just an art kit, it’s an invitation to an underwater world brimming with colour and life. Whether for individual relaxation or family bonding, this kit guarantees hours of artistic exploration and marine magic.

  • Age 6+
    Travel-sized scratch art kit with cute cats
    4 illustrated scratch cards 10 x 15 cm & 2 rainbow DIY blank scratch cards 10 x 15 cm
    1 wooden stylus – all you need to get started right away
    Guided illustrations – easy for anyone to follow, even adults!
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