Ooly Markers – Pastel Hues

Double-Ended Pastel Markers: Elegance in Every Stroke!


Product Description:
Step into a world of subtle elegance with these specially crafted double-ended pastel markers. This set comprises 12 markers, each radiating soft pastel hues—from the dreamy purples and calming blues to refreshing greens. Every marker in this set boasts a dual-tip design: a fine point for intricate detailing and a bold chisel tip for broader strokes. Simply flip the marker to switch between precision and boldness, ensuring your artistic vision is never compromised.

Key Features:

🌟 Versatile Dual Tips: Transition between fine detail and bold strokes effortlessly with the double-ended design.

🖊 Pastel Perfection: Revel in a beautiful range of pastel shades to breathe life into your creations.

🎨 Unhindered Creativity: With two tips in one marker, your artistic flow remains uninterrupted, letting your imagination run wild.

Why Choose Our Double-Ended Pastel Markers?
Experience the finesse of pastels with the versatility of dual tips. Whether you’re crafting intricate details or laying down bold lines, these markers ensure your artwork always captures the essence of elegance.


  • Age 6+
  • Set of 12
  • Chisel and point tips
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