Ooly Scratch & Scribble – Unicorns

Magical Unicorn Scratch Art Kit: Discover the Hidden Magic!

Product Description:
Step into a realm of enchantment with every precise scratch. The Magical Unicorn Scratch Art Kit beckons you to unveil majestic unicorns and their ethereal companions. Carefully curated with illustrated guides, youngsters can seamlessly bring to life these celestial beings. Additionally, the kit provides a canvas for uninhibited creativity with blank cards, all set to metamorphose into whimsical wonders.

Key Features:

🦄 Guided Mastery: 4 straightforward illustrative cards (sized 20cm x 15cm) ensure emerging artists can effortlessly manifest unicorns and their allies.

🌈 Canvas of Creativity: Along with the instructional cards, the kit furnishes 2 rainbow and 2 sparkle cards (each measuring 20cm x 15cm), where a spectrum of colours and twinkles lie dormant, awaiting revelation.

✨ Extending the Enchantment: Post completion, immortalise your artwork in frames, or carve out characters for imaginative sagas. The realm of possibilities is vast!

🎨 Added Magic: An added scratchable sticker sheet (sized 15cm x 10cm) enhances the overall scratch art escapade.

Why Choose the Magical Unicorn Scratch Art Kit?
Ignite the inner artist and traverse realms of fantasy and wonder. Tailored for blossoming artists, aficionados of fantasy, or simply anyone with an inclination

  • Ages 6+
  • 4 Illustrated scratch cards
  • 2 rainbow & 2 sparkled bank scratch cards,
  • Drawing tool & sparkled sticker sheet
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