Ooly Highlighters – Monster Mini Scented Display/24

Ooly Highlighters – Monster Mini Scented Display/24: A Whiff of Fun in Every Stroke!

Product Description: Add a playful twist to your highlighting with Ooly’s Monster Mini Scented Display. This set of 24 mini highlighters brings fun to functionality, featuring adorable monster designs that are sure to capture the imagination.

Key Features:

Set of 24 Mini Highlighters: Ample supply for all your highlighting needs, complete with unique monster designs.
Scented for Extra Fun: Each highlighter adds a sensory dimension to your marking, enhancing the experience.
Water-Based Ink: Ensures vibrant lines and smooth application without bleeding through pages.
Six Vibrant Colours: Offers a wide palette for highlighting, underlining, and decorating.

Why Buy This Product: . Beyond their practical use, these highlighters encourage creativity, making study sessions, office work, or artistic projects more enjoyable and engaging.

  • Age 3 
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