Ooly Pen - Mighty Mini Gel/6

Product code IA-132-058

International Arrivals - Mighty Mini Gel Pens

Sometimes big things come in small packages and that’s the case with these coloured gel pens. Mighty Mini Gel Pens are a set of 6 pocket-sized coloured gel ink pens with Orange, Magenta, Purple, Blue, Light Blue and Green colours. Each pen is 4.5 inches long, but don’t let that fool you; Mighty Minis will last you a very long time because their thick barrels are filled with a lot of ink. Mighty Mini Gel Pens have a thin 1mm nib so you can get super fine detail in your writing or gel pen art.

  • Small Sized Gel Pens
  • Lasts A Very Long Time
  • Set of 6 Colours
  • 4.5 Inches Long
  • Thick Barrel for Ergonomic Grip