Ooly Coloured Pencils - Wood Free/24

Product code IA-128-102

International Arrivals - Wood Free Pencils Tin - 24

You won't find any wood in these pencils because Fantastic Planet is good for the planet. Fantastic Planet coloured pencils are made with plastic barrels instead of wood so no trees were harmed when making these pencils. Enjoy 24 different coloured pencils in this great set with some unexpected, but widely used colours like magenta, peach and even gray. Fantastic Planet pencils also have a triangular shaped barrel so they don't roll away. All these great coloured pencils come in a cute reusable tin case. What colouring creations will you make with this Fantastic Planet of colours?


  • Wood Free Colored Pencils
  • Made With Plastic Barrels
  • 24 Colors
  • Triangular Shaped Barrels for No Roll Away
  • Reusable Tin Case