1000 Pc Puzzle - Mike Wilks Letter B

Product code POM-AA963

  Pomegranate: 1000 Piece Puzzle - Mike Wilks Letter B

  •  Puzzle Size: 70 x 51 cm
  • Box Size: 25 x 33 x 4cm

 Mike Wilks (British, b. 1947) 
The Letter B, 1982 
From The Ultimate Alphabet 
Acrylic on canvas, 76 x 102 cm (30 x 40 in.)

A boisterous beauty besprinkled with 542 representations of the letter B from artist Mike Wilks’s brush, this painting is the second from his best-selling book The Ultimate Alphabet (released by Pomegranate in 2015 as The Ultimate Alphabet: Complete Edition). Wilks writes, “Wander through this picture and attempt to find a big building built from lots of Bs, a balustrade, a boomerang, a booth complete with a buxom barmaid, various buttons, badges, braids, bows, and beads, a blond baby with a baffling blemish on its bib, an ecclesiastical gentleman having as much trouble seeing as the one immediately behind him, and beds of more than one variety.”

Can you find all of the B words depicted here? If not, check out the list and key included inside.