Project Genius

Project Genius – Sorcerer’s Box

Project Genius – Sorcerer’s Box

Product Description:
Step into a world of magic and mystery with the “Project Genius – Sorcerer’s Box.” This fascinating puzzle box is designed to delight and perplex, as players aged 8 and above attempt to uncover the secret to its opening. Ideal for sparking creativity and problem-solving, it has a moderate difficulty level of 3/5. Fill it with treasures and enjoy the fun as friends and family strive to unlock its mysteries.

Key Features:

Magical Design: Crafted to inspire wonder and curiosity.
Engaging Challenge: Provides a fun and educational problem-solving experience.
Durable and Safe: Constructed with quality materials for long-lasting use.

Why Buy This Product?
The “Project Genius – Sorcerer’s Box” is perfect for young wizards and aspiring sorcerers. It’s a great way to encourage logical thinking and patience in a fun, magical setting.

 Age: 8+

Difficulty Level: 3/5

Product Dimensions: 13 x 10 cm

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