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Project Genius – Eco Logicals 24 Pc Display

Project Genius – Eco Logicals 24 Pc Display

Product Description: Dive into the world of eco-friendly puzzle solving with the “Eco Logicals 24 Pc Display.” This collection features all six miniature puzzles from the innovative Ecologicals line, all crafted from sustainable bamboo. Each puzzle in this set presents a unique challenge, with a difficulty level ranging between 4 and 5, making them perfect for advanced puzzle enthusiasts. These bamboo puzzles are not only a test of wit and skill but also a nod to environmentally conscious design.

Key Features:

Sustainable Materials: Made from eco-friendly bamboo, combining fun with environmental responsibility.
Varied Challenges: Six distinct puzzles each offer a unique and complex challenge.
Compact Display: 24-piece set is beautifully displayed, ideal for collectors and puzzle enthusiasts.

Why Buy This Product:
The “Eco Logicals 24 Pc Display” is an excellent choice for those who appreciate brain teasers and are conscious of their environmental impact. These puzzles are challenging, engaging, and beautifully crafted, making them a fantastic addition to any puzzle collection. They are perfect for individuals who enjoy testing their cognitive abilities and appreciate sustainable craftsmanship.

Age: 14+

Difficulty Level: 4-5/5

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