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Project Genius – Chroma Cube Travel Game

Chroma Cube – A Colourful Logic Puzzle in Travel Size

Product Description: Make long road trips fly by with the engaging and colourful “Chroma Cube Travel Set.” This compact logic puzzle game is perfect for on-the-go entertainment, offering 25 brand new logic puzzles that challenge and delight players of all ages. The set includes 12 vibrant playing pieces that are both fun and functional, designed to test your puzzle-solving skills. Everything is neatly packed in a handy cotton drawstring bag, making it easy to carry and keep organised. Ideal for keeping minds active and hands busy during travel.

Key Features:

Travel-Friendly: Compact size and drawstring bag for easy portability.
Engaging Logic Puzzles: 25 new puzzles to stimulate the mind and develop logical thinking skills.
Colourful Playing Pieces: 12 brightly coloured pieces that make problem-solving visually appealing and enjoyable.

Why Buy This Product:
“Chroma Cube Travel Set” is a brain-boosting adventure that makes travel time exciting and educational. Suitable for kids, teens, and adults, this set is a great way to enhance cognitive skills and provide a fun challenge during any journey. It’s an excellent gift for anyone who loves puzzles and on-the-go games.

Age: 8+

Difficulty Level: Varied, with increasing complexity through the puzzle cards

Product Dimensions: 13.34 x 10.16 x 1.27 cm


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