Ooly Undercover Art – Smitten Kitten

Ooly Undercover Art – Smitten Kitten: Purr-fect Surprises in Every Stroke!

Product Description: Dive into a world of feline fantasy with Ooly Undercover Art – Smitten Kitten. Tailored for children aged 6 and up, this enchanting art set offers a unique colouring experience that brings the adorable and whimsical world of kittens to life.

Key Features:

12 Distinctive Kitten Designs: Filled with charming scenes of kittens, each with hidden surprises waiting to be revealed.
Magical Colour Transformations: The included marker uncovers vibrant colours and patterns, bringing each kitten to vibrant life.
Encourages Creativity: A delightful way for children to express their artistic talents and develop fine motor skills.
Educational and Fun: Offers a playful and engaging approach to art, stimulating imagination and curiosity about the feline world.

Why Buy This Product: This set not only offers a fun and interactive way to explore art but also instils a sense of wonder and discovery, making every colouring session an exciting journey into the world of kittens.

  • Age 6+