Ooly Transfer Sticker Set – Ocean Adventure

Transfer Sticker Set – Ocean Adventure: Sail into a World of Imagination!

Product Description:
Embark on a high-seas expedition with the Set The Scene Ocean Adventure sticker kit, designed to ignite your imagination. This kit features a double-sided playboard that transports your story into the heart of the ocean, accompanied by 60 rub-on transfer stickers portraying captivating sea-worthy characters. All you need to bring is your sense of play, and you’re ready for an adventure like no other!

Key Features:

🌟 Whimsical Pirate World: Let your imagination set sail into a whimsical pirate world guided by you, with 60 rub-on transfer stickers that help bring this sea-worthy realm to life.

πŸ– Interactive Playboard: The double-sided playboard is designed to immerse you in the aquatic setting, ensuring your adventures are as realistic as they are fun.

🌊 Easy Sticker Application: Apply the ocean-themed stickers effortlessly using the wooden transfer tool included in every Set The Scene kit, allowing for hours of creative storytelling.

Why Choose Transfer Sticker Set – Ocean Adventure?
Set your sails for imaginative storytelling as you navigate through a pirate’s world filled with wonder and excitement. This kit promises endless creative possibilities and is suitable for young adventurers aged 3 and up.

  • Age 3+
  • Set the Scene Ocean Adventure sticker kit
  • Includes an ocean-themed double-sided playboard (8.5” x 13”)
  • Features 60 pirate and ocean themed rub on transfer stickers
  • Includes a wooden transfer tool to rub stickers onto the playboard