Ooly Transfer Sticker Set – Galaxy Buddies

Transfer Sticker Set – Galaxy Buddies: Embark on Cosmic Adventures!

Product Description:
For those of us with dreams of blasting off into uncharted galaxies, the Set the Scene sticker kit is here to make your cosmic imagination soar! This kit includes a wooden transfer tool, a double-sided space-themed playboard, and a collection of captivating galaxy stickers (aliens included!). Strap on your creative jetpack because with this kit, your imagination knows no limits.

Key Features:

🌟 Orbiting Creativity: Let your creative spirit take flight with an abundance of charming transfer stickers that allow you to build your own cosmic story on the space-themed playboard.

πŸš€ Interstellar Adventures: Have these adorable characters explore the stars or engage in lively conversations with alien friends – the storyline is entirely in your hands!

🌌 Wooden Transfer Tool: Apply the galaxy-themed stickers to the double-sided playboard with ease using the included wooden transfer tool.

πŸͺ Inspire Imagination: Set your imagination on a thrilling journey, as this kit encourages Storytime that’s truly out of this world. Suitable for ages 3 and up.

Why Choose the Transfer Sticker Set – Galaxy Buddies?
For those who dream of interstellar adventures and limitless creativity, this kit is the perfect companion. Whether you’re crafting your own cosmic narrative or sharing a captivating storytime, this kit promises hours of cosmic inspiration.

  • Age 3+
  • Set the Scene Galaxy Buddies sticker kit
  • Includes 1 double-sided space-themed playboard (8.5” x 13”)
  • Features 60 galaxy and space-themed transfer stickers
  • Use the included wooden transfer tool to rub stickers onto the playboard