Ooly Sticky Note Pals – Lil Juicy

Sticky Note Pals – Lil Juicy: Where Mini Delights Bring Big Smiles!

Product Description:
Introducing Note Pals Sticky Tabs – Lil’ Juicy, the mini-sized delights that pack a punch of cuteness and functionality! These tiny yet adorable sticky tabs bring a whole lot of joy to your organizational journey. With a fruity twist and a dash of sweetness, they make your reminder notes pop with character and charm. Whether you’re marking your textbooks, journals, or calendars, these Lil’ Juicy friends are here to bring big smiles to your daily tasks.

Each one is like a mini fruit friend that adds a touch of fun to your organising. Be it the banana, the blueberry, or the watermelon, you’ll find these mini tabs irresistible. Mix and match them with other Note Pals sticky note designs and create a personalised buffet of happiness.

Key Features:

🌟 Mini-Sized Delights: These Lil’ Juicy sticky tabs may be small, but they deliver big smiles with their fruity designs.

πŸ“š Versatile Markers: Use them to mark textbooks, journals, calendars, and more to infuse your notes with character and charm.

🍌 Mini Fruit Friends: Each tab is like a mini fruit friend that brings a touch of fun to your organising.

Why Choose Sticky Note Pals – Lil Juicy:?
For those who adore mini-sized delights and want to make organizing a fun and cheerful experience, Lil’ Juicy sticky tabs are the perfect choice. They add a pop of personality to your notes while inspiring creativity.

  • Age 6+
  • Lil Juicy sticky tabs
  • 120 Sticky tabs in a set
  • Tabs are just under 5cm long
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