Ooly Stickers Stickiville – Quirky Dogs

Ooly Stickers Stickiville – Quirky Dogs: Unleash a World of Canine Charm!

Product Description: Get ready for tail-wagging fun with Ooly Stickers Stickiville – Quirky Dogs. This delightful sticker set is a tribute to our furry friends, featuring a variety of quirky and adorable dog designs that capture the playful and loving spirit of man’s best friend.

Key Features:

Wide Variety of Dog Designs: Features an array of quirky and endearing dog stickers, celebrating different breeds and personalities.
High-Quality Stickers: Each sticker is designed with attention to detail and vibrant colours, capturing the essence of canine charm.
One Sticker Sheet: Contains approximately 100 stickers, offering a generous selection for decorating and crafting.
Versatile Use: Ideal for personalising everyday items, scrapbooking, or as rewards in educational settings, fostering a love for animals.

Why Buy This Product: These stickers are not just decorative; they’re a way to celebrate the joy and companionship dogs offer, making every sticker placement a small tribute to our four-legged friends.

  • Age 3+