Ooly Scratch & Scribble Mini – Monster Trucks

Ooly Scratch & Scribble Mini-Monster Trucks:Β Let the Big-Wheeled Adventures Begin!

Product Description:
Ignite the world of roaring engines and giant wheels with the Mini-Monster Trucks Scratch Art Kit. Beneath each card lies a thrilling big-wheeled adventure, waiting to speed into life as you scratch away with the wooden stylus. Beyond the illustrated cards, this kit also grants the joy of creating unique monster truck designs on blank scratch sheets, fuelling your child’s imagination.

Key Features:

🌟 Adventurous Designs: Uncover 4 distinct big-wheeled truck illustrations that come alive as you trace and reveal them.

πŸ– Unleash Creativity: With 2 blank scratch sheets, young artists have the freedom to imagine and craft their personalised monster truck masterpieces.

🌈 All-In-One Kit: Complete with a wooden stylus, this scratch art kit ensures budding artists have all they need to set their creativity in motion.

⏱ Endless Entertainment: This engaging activity not only nurtures creativity but also promises hours of fun, making it an ideal gift or pastime for little truck enthusiasts.

Why Choose the Scratch & Scribble Mini-Monster Trucks Art Kit?
Dive into a realm where colossal wheels and vibrant designs reign supreme. Perfect for children with a penchant for trucks or those simply seeking an exciting art session. This kit guarantees roaring engines, vivid visuals, and memories in the making.

  • Age 6+
    Travel-sized scratch art kit with cute cats
    4 illustrated scratch cards 10 x 15 cm & 2 rainbow DIY blank scratch cards 10 x 15 cm
    1 wooden stylus – all you need to get started right away
    Guided illustrations – easy for anyone to follow, even adults!