Ooly Scratch & Scribble Mini – Farm

Ooly Scratch & Scribble Mini – Farm: A Pastoral Palette of Wonder!

Product Description:
Embark on a creative journey to the countryside with the Ooly Scratch & Scribble Mini – Farm Animals kit. Elegantly designed to captivate and enthral, each mini scratch art set entices you to unveil vibrant farm creatures hiding just beneath the surface. Guided illustrations and blank canvases beckon you to discover and craft, with every stroke of the wooden stylus leading to colourful discoveries.

Key Features:

🌟 Diverse Creative Outlets: Beyond the 4 pre-illustrated farm animal-themed cards, the kit offers 2 blank DIY rainbow cards, allowing pure, uninhibited artistic expression.

🖍 Intuitive Design: With easy-to-follow guidelines, unearthing the delightful farm-inspired rainbow artwork becomes an effortless and enjoyable endeavour, perfect for emerging artists.

🌈 All-Encompassing Kit: No need to look elsewhere; each kit comes with everything required, from the wooden stylus to the cards, ensuring uninterrupted artistic exploration.

⏱ Perfectly Portable: Sized at a convenient 10 x 15 cm, it’s tailor-made for on-the-go creativity, making it a brilliant travel companion for those fleeting moments of inspiration.

Why Choose Ooly Scratch & Scribble Mini – Farm Animals?
Venture into a world of artistic exploration and vibrant visuals with this scratch art kit. Ideal for individuals craving a meditative art session or families eager for a collective hands-on activity, this set ensures a spectrum of delightful creations.

Age 6+
Travel-sized scratch art kit with cute cats
4 illustrated scratch cards 10 x 15 cm & 2 rainbow DIY blank scratch cards 10 x 15 cm
1 wooden stylus – all you need to get started right away
Guided illustrations – easy for anyone to follow, even adults!