Ooly Pen – Totally Taffy Scent Gel/6

Smooth and Sweet: Dive into the Pastel World of Totally Taffy Scented Gel Pens!

Product Description:
Experience the dual delight of vibrant writing and delightful fragrance with OOLY’s Totally Taffy Scented Gel Pens. Crafted for both your writing and drawing pursuits, these pens ensure a seamless flow of pastel gel ink that’s as delightful to see as it is to smell.

Each pen is uniquely crafted to lay down a flawless stream of beautifully smooth and vivid pastel colour. The set comprises six pens, each mirroring the pastel charm of nature’s palette, paired with a sweet candy scent. Whether it’s the tangy touch of Orange, the refreshing zest of Lemon, the fruity burst of Grape, Strawberry’s sweet allure, the crisp hint of Apple, or Cherry’s classic aroma, there’s a fragrance to cater to every whim.

Key Features:

🌟 Vivid Pastel Hues: Six gel pens each producing a rich, vibrant pastel shade ensuring every line you draw stands out.

🖌 Fragrance-filled Writing: Each pen offers a unique candy scent, turning your writing experience into a sensory delight.

🍭 All-In-One Pack: Each set ensures you have a diverse palette at your fingertips with hues and fragrances that evoke nostalgia and joy.

Why Choose Totally Taffy Scented Gel Pens?
When vibrant pastels meet irresistible fragrances, every writing and drawing moment becomes a journey into a world of sensory pleasure.

  • Age 3+
  • 6 Pastel Gel Colours
  • Fruity Scents
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