Ooly Pen – Mini Doodles Fruit/20

Fruity Scribbles: Dive into a Scented Spectrum of Colours!

Product Description:
Step into the world of vibrant colours and delightful aromas with Mini Doodlers Scented Gel Pens. Designed for enthusiasts of gel pens, this collection boasts an expansive palette of 20 stunning hues – comprising 10 sparkling glitter, 5 striking neon, and 5 serene pastel shades. Whether you’re penning down thoughts or illustrating your dreams, these gel pens enhance every creation.

Key Features:

🌟 Variety in Colours: With 20 diverse shades – 10 glitter, 5 neon, and 5 pastels, there’s a hue for every mood and every piece.

🖊 Scented Surprise: Elevate your writing with fragrances! Each gel pen comes with its own unique fruity scent, making writing an aromatic experience.

🧰 Organised & Portable: The set is neatly packed in a reusable plastic case, perfect for organising and easy to carry around.

Why Choose Mini Doodlers Gel Pens?
It’s not just about colouring; it’s an immersive aromatic and visual journey, designed to inspire.

  • Age 3+
  • 20 Different coloured mini gel pens
  • 10 Glitter, 5 Pastel and 5 Neon
  • Different fruit scents
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