Ooly Pen – Fine Line Gel/6

Sophisticated Sketch & Scribe: Dive into Fine Detail!

Product Description:
Elevate your writing and artistic endeavours with OOLY’s Fine Line Coloured Gel Pens. Specifically curated for the meticulous writer or artist, these pens blend precision with a splash of colour. Whether you’re sketching intricate designs or penning down detailed prose, these gel pens are your perfect partner.

The set features 6 distinct ink colours, each delivered through a precise 0.7mm tip. This ensures every line is sharp, every detail vivid, and every word a testament to your craft.

Key Features:

🌟 Precision Perfected: With a 0.7mm fine nib, these gel pens guarantee intricate detail, making them ideal for both delicate drawing and refined writing.

🎨 Vibrant Variety: Six captivating ink colours ensure your work is as colourful as it is precise.

✒️ Smooth & Seamless: The gel-based ink offers a smooth, uninterrupted flow, ensuring every stroke is consistent and flawless.

Why Choose Fine Line Coloured Gel Pens?
For those who value the finer details in art and writing, these pens provide the perfect balance of colour and precision.

  • Age 6+
  • Comes With 6 Different Colours
  • 0.7mm Fine Tip for Detailed Writing and Drawing