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Ooly Notecard and Sticker Kits – Hello Rainbows


Ooly Notecard and Sticker Kits – Hello Rainbows: Brighten Up Any Message!

Product Description: Brighten someone’s day with the vibrant and cheerful Ooly Notecard and Sticker Kits – Hello Rainbows. Designed for those who love to spread joy and colour, this kit is perfect for children aged 6 and up, offering a playful way to send notes, thank yous, and everyday greetings.

Key Features:

6 Expanding Notecards: Pop open to reveal a spacious canvas for heartfelt messages, adorned with bright rainbow designs.
6 Envelopes: Ensure your colourful surprises are neatly tucked away until they reach their recipient.
4 Sticker Sheets: Enhance your messages with stickers that sparkle with positivity and rainbow hues.
Ideal for Colourful Communicators: Encourages kids to express their creativity and kindness through personal messages.

Why Buy This Product: These notecards and stickers not only make writing more enjoyable but also teach the value of thoughtful communication in the most colourful way possible.

Ages 6+