Ooly Markers – Rainbow Sparkle Glitter/15

Rainbow Sparkle Glitter Markers: Dive into Dazzling Creations!

Product Description:
Illuminate your artistic visions with the Rainbow Sparkle Glitter Markers. This shimmering set comprises 15 brilliantly glittering markers, including 10 vibrant classic colours and 5 delicate pastel hues. Every stroke delivers a dazzling burst of glitter, making your artwork, notes, and journals stand out with a mesmerising twinkle.

Whether it’s for detailed art projects, school assignments, heartfelt thank-you cards, or simply adding a sparkling touch to your planner, these glitter markers elevate your creativity, ensuring every piece is both radiant and memorable.


Key Features:

🌟 Vibrant & Varied: Enjoy a broad spectrum of 15 shades, with 10 classic colours and 5 trendy pastel hues, catering to every artistic whim.

πŸ– Versatile Use: Perfect for diverse projects, from school work and greeting cards to personal journals and planners.

🎨 Consistent Sparkle: Each marker delivers a consistent glitter finish, ensuring your creations shimmer uniformly.

Why Choose Rainbow Sparkle Glitter Markers?
Every project deserves a touch of magic. With Rainbow Sparkle Glitter Markers, you’re not just colouring; you’re adding a sprinkling of starlight to your creations!


  • Age 6+
  • Package size 16 x 15 x 1cm
  • Set of 15
  • 5 Pastel & 10 Classic Colours
  • Round Tip Marker
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