Ooly Markers – Fabric Doodlers

OOLY’s Fabric Doodlers: Turn Everyday Wear into an Artistic Statement!

Product Description:
Step into the world of fashion artistry with these Fabric Doodlers Markers. With 12 vibrant permanent fabric markers at your disposal, revamping your wardrobe has never been so effortless and fun. From sneakers and jeans to t-shirts and backpacks, let every item be a canvas for your unique design. Whether it’s a personalised touch to a gift or a fresh take on a beloved old item, with these markers, your creativity knows no fabric bounds!

Key Features:

🌟 Versatility At Its Best: Perfect for a myriad of fabrics, from clothing items like tees and jeans to accessories such as backpacks and shoes.

🖍 12 Vivid Shades: A range of colours that promise to make your designs pop, ensuring they remain bold and bright, wash after wash.

🎨 Permanent Design: Crafted to ensure your artistry remains intact, these markers give a lasting impression.

Why Choose OOLY’s Fabric Doodlers Markers?
Channel your inner designer and give a personalised touch to your wardrobe. Each design is uniquely yours, ensuring you stand out in any crowd. Dive into the vibrant world of fabric art and let OOLY’s Fabric Doodlers Markers be the tool to your fashion revolution!

  • Age 6+
  • Permanent Fabric Markers
  • Set of 12 Markers