Ooly Stickers Stickiville – Wheels

Stickiville Workin’ Wheels Stickers: Ready to Roll!

Product Description:
Drive into a world of fun with Stickiville’s Workin’ Wheels stickers! Whether your little one is a car enthusiast or simply loves decorating their belongings, these stickers are a perfect choice. Featuring an array of vehicles, from rubbish trucks to compact cars, not to mention traffic signs and city buildings, this sticker sheet promises endless creativity. With their standout epoxy finish, these stickers don’t just shine—they make every item they’re stuck on stand out. Perfect for jazzing up school supplies, personal diaries, or even lunch boxes, Stickiville stickers are your ticket to a fun-filled, imaginative journey!


Key Features:

🌟 Versatile Designs: From vehicles to urban elements, there’s a sticker for every car-lover’s fantasy.

🖍 Epoxy Finish: With a glossy, raised feel, these stickers are not only vibrant but also tactilely delightful.

🎒 Accessorise Anything: Liven up notebooks, lunch boxes, or backpacks with a splash of vehicular charm.

Why Choose Stickiville Workin’ Wheels Stickers?
Step into the bustling world of Stickiville where creativity meets the road. With Workin’ Wheels stickers, everyday items turn into adventures waiting to be had!

  • Ages 3+
  • Approx 100 cute stickers in a set