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Beary Sweet Mini Scented Highlighter Display: A Beary Delightful Colouring Experience!

Product Description:
Introducing the Beary Sweet Mini Scented Highlighters – the cutest addition to your child’s stationery collection. Perfectly sized for little hands, these pocket-sized wonders aren’t just highlighters, they’re a sensory treat! From vibrant neon colours to delightful fruity scents, they transform colouring and studying into a joyful experience. This set of six mini bear-faced highlighters is not only adorable but also incredibly practical for school, art projects, and travel.

Key Features:

🌟 Beary Cute Designs: Each highlighter features a charming bear face, ensuring your child has a delightful companion during study or art time.

πŸ– Perfectly Pocket-Sized: These compact highlighters are ideal for on-the-go colouring and highlighting, fitting snugly in pockets or compartments.

🍎 Fruity Fragrances: Beyond their vibrant colours, these highlighters tantalise the senses with fruity aromas, making study sessions or art projects a sensory delight.

Why Choose the Beary Sweet Mini Scented Highlighter Display?
Turn mundane tasks into joyous activities with these bear-faced highlighters. With the Beary Sweet collection, every stroke is a burst of colour and a whiff of fruity freshness!

  • Age 3+
  • Neon colours
  • Fruity scents
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