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Ooly Hidden Colours – Magic Nature

Hidden Colours of Nature: Nature’s Palette Revealed!

Product Description:
Unveil the enchanting hues of nature with these magical painting sheets that transform before your very eyes. A delightful exploration of colours, this kit offers eight distinctive nature-inspired designs waiting to burst into vibrant life. Equipped with a paintbrush, all your child needs to do is dab a bit of water. As they paint, the seemingly monochrome illustrations magically metamorphose into stunning colourful masterpieces.

Key Features:

🌟 Water-Reveal Magic: Designed with hidden paint beneath the black lines, each brushstroke with water unveils a vivid splash of colour.

🖌 All-Inclusive Kit: Each set comes with a handy paintbrush and eight unique reveal sheets, offering hours of creative play.

🌱 Nature-Themed Designs: From the russet tones of autumn to the radiant shades of spring, each sheet captures a snippet of nature’s splendour.

Why Choose Our Hidden Colours of Nature?
Perfect for children who are intrigued by the wonders of nature, this set offers both a fun activity and a visual treat. Whether it’s a gift for a budding artist or an ideal pastime for drizzly afternoons, this magic painting kit guarantees hours of joy and amazement.


  • Ages 8+
  • 8 magic paint sheets
  • 18 x 25cm