Ooly Hidden Colours – Magic Jungle

Magic Jungle Hidden Colours Magic Paint Sheets: Where Colour and Mystery Collide!

Product Description:
Step into a monochrome jungle and experience the thrill of unveiling its hidden treasures with just a touch of water! The Magic Jungle Hidden Colours Paint Sheets are a unique creative journey waiting to be embarked upon. Transcend beyond the usual with these sheets that magically transform from black and white to a burst of vibrant colours, encapsulating the essence of the jungle’s vivacity. Each set comes with eight distinct designs waiting for your brush’s touch to reveal the jungle’s concealed wonders.

Key Features:

🌟 Water-Reveal Magic: Dive into the magic of the jungle as it awakens in a riot of colours with just a splash of water.

🖌 All-in-One Kit: Comes complete with eight water-reveal sheets and a brush—just add water and your creativity!

🍃 Captivating Designs: Each sheet intricately captures the essence of the jungle, from its dynamic flora to its enigmatic fauna.

Why Choose the Magic Jungle Hidden Colours Paint Sheets?
Experience the jungle like never before, paint, reveal, and marvel at the wonders of Ooly’s magic jungle, where every brushstroke is a step deeper into nature’s vibrancy.

  • Ages 8+
  • 8 magic paint sheets
  • 18 x 25cm