Ooly Eraser – Wild Animal/24

Wild Animal Scented Erasers – Tub of 24

You won’t be alone when you go up against pencil mistakes anymore now that you have three new best friends ready to help. Each Wild Animal Eraser is actually 5 eraser caps in one plastic shell casing. When an eraser is done just pop it out and a fresh new animal eraser is ready to go. With Wild Animal Erasers, dirty erasers at the bottom of your backpack are a thing of the past as the erasers are encased in a protective, easy grip casing. Wild Animal Erasers come in 3 fun animal styles; Blue Elephant, Purple Monkey, and Green Frog; and they smell like strawberries too!

  • Fun Animal Shaped Erasers
  • Protective, Easy Grip Barrels
  • Eraser Cap Pop-Out Action
  • 5 Erasers Per Barrel
  • Fruit Scented
  • 3 Fun Animal Styles
  • Tub size 12.7cm×12cm×12cm
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