Ooly Eraser – Jumbo Rainbow Buddy 15

Rainbow Buddy Scented Jumbo Eraser Display: Colourful Corrections with a scent of Sweetness!

Product Description:
Embrace the joy of rainbows with the Rainbow Buddy Scented Jumbo Eraser! It’s not just any eraser—it’s jumbo-sized, colourful, and comes with its own cheery cloud companion. Whether you’re correcting mistakes or simply adorning your desk, this delightful rainbow-shaped eraser ensures you do it with a splash of colour and a hint of vanilla. Perfect for those who love all things vibrant and sweet.

Key Features:

🌈 Whimsical Design: A rainbow arc complemented by a happy little cloud pal, making corrections a joyful experience.

🍦 Vanilla Scented: Adds a delightful touch to your stationery collection with its calming vanilla aroma.

✏️ Jumbo Size: More than just an accessory, its ample size ensures it stands up to even your biggest mistakes.

Why Choose Rainbow Buddy Scented Jumbo Eraser Display?
It’s the ideal blend of functionality and aesthetics, and the perfect treat for every rainbow enthusiast. Erasing has never smelled or looked this good!

  • Age 6+
  • Vanilla Scented Rainbow Erasers


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