Ooly Dry Clay Creatibles DIY Kit/12 Colours

Creatibles Air Dry Clay Kit: Mould, Create, and Adore!

🌟 Product Description:
Delve into the world of sculpting with the Creatibles Air Dry Clay Kit. Packed with pliable clay in a spectrum of colours, this kit promises endless creative fun without any baking hassles. With 12 vibrant clay hues housed in three convenient tubs and three shaping tools, you’re equipped to mould, craft, and design whatever your imagination conjures up. And the fun doesn’t stop there! Once dried, these creations can be further adorned with paints and markers to bring them to life.

Key Features:

🌟 Easy-to-Use: This super soft clay ensures effortless moulding, making it easy to sculpt delightful characters, beautiful rainbows, or anything you fancy.

πŸ– Versatile Colours: With 12 colours at your disposal, feel free to mix and match to create an array of bespoke shades.

🎨 No Baking Needed: Let your creations air dry, and they’re ready! Once set, enhance your sculptures with paints or vibrant markers for added flair.

Why Choose the Creatibles Air Dry Clay Kit?
It’s the ultimate sculpting kit that blends ease, creativity, and versatility. With Creatibles, watch as every pinch, twist, and mould turns into art!

  • Ages 6+
  • Air-dry clay kit
  • 12 colours of super soft and pliable clay
  • 3 plastic shaping tools