Ooly Crayons – Jumbo Happy Triangles

Ooly Crayons – Jumbo Happy Triangles: Colouring Made Easy and Fun!

Product Description: Introduce your little ones to the joy of colouring with Ooly Crayons – Jumbo Happy Triangles. Designed with ease and comfort in mind, these crayons are perfect for budding artists. The jumbo size and triangular barrel fit perfectly in little hands, making them easy to hold and use. With 12 bright and bold colours, children can unleash their creativity on paper without any hassle.

Key Features:

12 Bright and Bold Colours: Offers a wide palette for vibrant drawings and colouring.
Jumbo Size: Perfect for small hands to grasp and control, enhancing fine motor development.
Triangular Barrel: Prevents crayons from rolling off tables and desks, making them easy to use and store.
Ideal for Young Artists: Designed specifically for children aged 3+, encouraging early artistic exploration.

Why Buy This Product: They offer a frustration-free colouring experience for young children, fostering confidence and joy in artistic expression. A great addition to any art supply collection, these crayons make colouring easy, enjoyable, and wonderfully vibrant.

  • Ages 3+
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