Ooly Crayons – Heart Art Erasable

I Heart Art Erasable Crayons: Where Love for Art Takes Shape!

Product Description:
Introduce the joys of creativity to young ones with the captivating Heart Art Erasable Crayons. Crafted into delightful heart shapes, each crayon features two harmonious shades, adding a vivid splash to every artwork. Their unique design not only appeals to the eye but can also be twisted into an oval for a varied grip. With 12 striking colours to choose from, these crayons cater to every artistic whim. And the best part? They’re erasable, making it easy to amend any little slips—because in art, there are no mistakes, only new beginnings!

Key Features:

🌟 Dual-Toned Brilliance: Each heart crayon showcases two complementary colours, doubling the fun.

🖍 Adaptable Design: Start with a heart shape and twist into an oval for a different drawing experience.

🎨 Erasable Ease: Fear not the errant strokes; these crayons erase cleanly, allowing artists to refine their masterpieces.

Why Choose Heart Art Erasable Crayons?
These aren’t just crayons; they’re a heartwarming invitation to the world of art. Perfect for small hands and big imaginations, they redefine creative expression, ensuring that every artwork comes straight from the heart.

  • Ages 3+
  • 6 Heart-shaped crayons with 12 bright colours
  • Easy to hold for little hands
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