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Ooly Coloured Pencils – Double Ended/12

2 of A Kind Coloured Pencils: Twice the Colour, Half the Space!

Product Description:
Dive into a world of vibrant hues with the 2 of A Kind Coloured Pencils. This unique set consists of 12 double-ended pencils, offering a spectrum of 24 distinct colours. What sets these pencils apart? Each pencil has been meticulously designed to pair two complementary colours, making it effortless to choose matching shades for your artistic endeavours. Compact and practical, the 2 of A Kind Coloured Pencils are perfect for artists on the move, ensuring a burst of colour wherever inspiration strikes.

Key Features:

🌟 Double the Fun: Each pencil boasts two shades, giving you a wide palette of 24 colours in just 12 pencils.

🖍 Complementary Colours: Designed with artistry in mind, every pencil features two tones that complement each other perfectly.

🎨 Travel-Friendly: With a compact design, these pencils are ideal for on-the-go colouring, making creativity possible anywhere, anytime.

Why Choose 2 of A Kind Coloured Pencils?
Elevate your art with a curated set of shades that not only save space but also ensure that you always have the perfect pair of colours at your fingertips.


  • Ages 3+
  • Lots of Colours with Less Pencils
  • Set of 12 Pencils with 24 Colours
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