Mudpuppy Greeting Card with Puzzle Display/28

Mudpuppy Greeting Card with Puzzle Display/28

Delightful Surprises Await with Every Piece!

Unlock a unique and interactive greeting experience with Mudpuppy’s Greeting Card Puzzle Display/28. Each pack includes 28 cards featuring four vibrant designs, merging the joy of puzzle-solving with the warmth of personal messages. These innovative greeting cards transform into a 12-piece postcard puzzle, offering a fun and engaging twist to traditional card giving.

Simply write your personalized message on the back of the puzzle, break up the pieces, and enclose them in the color-coordinated envelope provided. Each card also comes with a full-color sticker seal, adding a final touch of charm and ensuring the pieces stay secure. The package dimensions are 13 x 18 cm, making it compact yet impactful.

Key Features:

Interactive Puzzle Design: Each card turns into a 12-piece puzzle, providing a playful challenge and a unique way to celebrate special moments.
Personalized Messages: Add a bespoke touch by writing your message on the back of the puzzle, making each card truly heartfelt.
Complete Set: Includes a color-coordinated envelope and a vibrant sticker seal for each card, ensuring a delightful presentation.

Why consider Mudpuppy’s Greeting Card with Puzzle Display/28?
It’s not just a greeting card; it’s a memorable gift and activity that adds a personal and playful spin to your message, perfect for nurturing connections and creativity!

  • A greeting card and a puzzle in one!
  • 12 piece puzzle
  • Add your own message to the back
  • Includes colour-coordinated envelope and full-colour sticker seal
  • Package: 13 x 18 cm
  • Ages 3+
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