Mudpuppy 300 Pc Shaped Puzzle – Arctic Life

Mudpuppy 300 Pc Shaped Puzzle – Arctic Life: Dive into Arctic Wonders!

Product Description: This unique puzzle features a colourful scene of the ocean, teeming with Arctic wildlife. The finished puzzle is die-cut in the shape of a walrus, adding an extra wow-factor to your puzzling experience. Perfect for young explorers and puzzle enthusiasts, this engaging activity is both fun and educational.


Unique Shaped Puzzle: The die-cut shape of a walrus adds an exciting twist to the traditional puzzle format.
Colourful Arctic Scene: Detailed illustrations of Arctic ocean life captivate and inspire curiosity about this unique ecosystem.
Engaging and Educational: Promotes spatial awareness, problem-solving skills, and knowledge about Arctic wildlife.

Why Consider This Product: The unique shape and vibrant illustrations capture their interest, making it an ideal activity for learning about Arctic animals and environments. Made with high-quality materials, this puzzle offers both durability and delight.

Ages: 7+
Shaped puzzle size approx: 66 cm x 42.5 cm
Box size: 15 cm x 21 cm x 5 cm

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