Floss & Rock

Floss & Rock Skipping Rope – Rainbow Fairy

Floss & Rock Skipping Rope – Rainbow Fairy: Sprinkle Your Play with Magic!

Product Description: Elevate your skipping rope game to enchanting heights with the Floss & Rock Skipping Rope – Rainbow Fairy. Perfect for little dreamers and believers in magic, this beautifully designed skipping rope features hand-painted wooden handles adorned with a delightful rainbow fairy motif.

Key Features:

Hand-Painted Rainbow Fairy Wooden Handles: Captures the imagination with vibrant colours and whimsical fairy designs, adding a touch of magic to every jump.
Promotes Physical Fitness: Encourages active play, helping to improve balance, coordination, and overall physical health joyfully and imaginatively.
Durable and Safe Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring a safe and lasting skipping experience for endless hours of fun.

Why Buy This Product: This Skipping Rope Fairy merges imaginative play with healthy physical activity. It’s an excellent choice for nurturing a love of movement and fantasy, making exercise an enchanting experience.

  • Age 5+
  • Length 240 cm