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Floss & Rock My Stamper Set – Jungle

Floss & Rock My Stamper Set – Jungle: A Wild Stamp Adventure!

Product Description: Embark on a creative journey through the jungle with the Floss & Rock My Stamper Set – Jungle. This adventurous stamper set is perfect for young explorers and animal lovers. It’s ideal for crafting vivid jungle scenes and narrating wild stories.

Key Features:

8 Wooden Jungle-Themed Stamps: Features a variety of stamps including animals and jungle motifs, perfect for imaginative play.
4 Vibrant Ink Pads: A range of colours to bring stamped jungle creations to life.
24 Page Colour Booklet: Provides space for stamping and creating intricate jungle scenes and tales.
Reusable Carry Box with Drawer and Handle: Keeps all stamping materials organized and easily portable for creative activities anywhere.
Eco-Friendly: Made with environmentally conscious materials, promoting sustainable creativity.

Why Buy This Product: This set not only offers a fun creative outlet but also helps in developing fine motor skills and imaginative thinking in an eco-friendly format.

Age 3+