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Floss & Rock Magic Water Colouring – Enchanted

Floss & Rock Magic Water Colouring – Enchanted: A Magical Artistic Journey!

Product Description: Step into a world of magic and wonder with the Floss & Rock Magic Water Colouring – Enchanted set. Ideal for young artists with a love for all things fairy tale, this reusable water colouring set brings enchanting scenes to life with just a touch of water.

Key Features:

Reusable Water Colouring Experience: Use the water pen to reveal colourful enchanted scenes and characters, which magically disappear as they dry.
Sparks Creativity and Imagination: Features a variety of fairy tale-themed pictures, encouraging imaginative play and storytelling.
Perfect for Travel: Comes in a handy, durable format, making it great for on-the-go entertainment.

Why Buy This Product: It’s a wonderful way to introduce young children to art in a mess-free, magical way. Suitable for kids aged 3 and up, this set combines fun and education, perfect for nurturing a love of painting and fairy tales.

  • Age 3+
  • Size 19x18x2cm
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