Floss & Rock

Floss & Rock Magic Moving Puzzle – Fairy

Floss & Rock Magic Moving Puzzle – Fairy: A Dual-Scene Puzzle Adventure!

Product Description: The Floss & Rock Magic Moving Puzzle – Fairy offers a unique and enchanting puzzle experience. This 50-piece puzzle features two magical fairy scenes in one, challenging kids to spot the differences.

Key Features:

One Puzzle, Two Scenes: Enjoy the fun of discovering two different fairy-themed scenes within the same puzzle.
50 High-Quality Pieces: Perfectly sized for young hands, with each piece approximately 10 x 6 cm.
Engaging and Educational: Encourages attention to detail and problem-solving skills in children aged 5 and up.

Why Buy This Product: Ideal for kids who love puzzles and fairy tales, this Magic Moving Puzzle offers double the fun with its dual-scene design. It’s a great way to develop critical thinking and observational skills in a playful, magical context. The puzzle’s size and design make it a perfect activity for both home and travel.

  • Age: 5+
  • Size: 50 x 40cm