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Floss & Rock Dominoes – Deep Sea

Floss & Rock Dominoes – Deep Sea: Dive into Puzzle and Number Fun!

Product Description: Explore the wonders of the ocean with the Floss & Rock Dominoes – Deep Sea. This engaging 2-in-1 game is perfect for young learners, offering both a picture puzzle and a number game with beautifully designed double-sided cards.

Key Features:

2-in-1 Puzzle and Game: Choose between completing a matching picture puzzle or playing a number game.
Ideal for Young Minds: Designed for ages 2 and up, perfect for early learning and development.
28 Double-Sided Cards: Each card features vibrant deep sea imagery on one side and numbers on the other.
Card Size: The cards measure 14 x 7 cm, ideal for little hands to hold and play with.

Why Choose This Product: It’s great for developing cognitive skills in young children. The dominoes encourage the recognition of sea creatures and numbers. This game is a fun and educational addition to any child’s playtime.

  • Ages 2+
  • 2 in 1 Puzzle & Game
  • 28 Double-Sided Cards
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