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Floss & Rock Colour Changing Umbrella – Enchanted

Floss & Rock Colour Changing Umbrella – Enchanted

Product Description: Transform rainy days into enchanting adventures with this Colour Changing Umbrella. This delightful umbrella is designed to captivate young minds, featuring magical designs that change colour in the rain, bringing a touch of wonder to every wet weather excursion.

Key Features:

Magical Colour-Changing Design: Watch in amazement as the enchanting illustrations on the umbrella come alive with beautiful colours when exposed to rain, making every rainy day an adventure.
Returns to Original Colour When Dry: The enchanting designs return to their original colour as the umbrella dries, ready to reveal their magic again during the next downpour.
Sturdy and Safe for Children: Built with durability in mind and designed for small hands, this umbrella is both practical for staying dry and perfect for imaginative play.
Enchanting Theme: Featuring whimsical and fairy-tale-inspired illustrations, it’s a wonderful choice for children who love stories of magic and fantasy.

Why Choose This Product: The Floss & Rock Colour Changing Umbrella – Enchanted is a fantastic way to encourage outdoor play on rainy days, blending practicality with the magic of imagination. It’s perfect for kids who love fairy tales, offering them a bit of enchantment even on the greyest days. Durable, safe, and visually stunning, this umbrella is sure to be a hit with any young dreamer.

  • Age 3+
  • Size: 60 x 70cm