Floss & Rock

Floss & Rock Chalk Board Sketchbook – Enchanted

Floss & Rock Chalk Board Sketchbook – Enchanted 

Product Description: Dive into a world of magic and imagination with this Chalkboard Sketchbook. Designed for young artists and dreamers, this sketchbook is a perfect tool for creative expression and whimsical play.

Key Features:

Versatile Chalk Pens: Comes with 6 wipeable chalk pens in various colours, perfect for drawing, colouring-in, and bringing imaginative ideas to life.
8 Reusable Chalkboard Pages: These durable pages offer a fantastic platform for endless artistic creations, easily wiped clean for continuous use.
Enchanted-Themed Stencil Sheet: The included stencil sheet features enchanting designs, ideal for tracing and inspiring magical artworks.

Why Choose This Product: The Floss & Rock Chalkboard Sketchbook – Enchanted is an excellent choice for kids who love to create and imagine. It offers a unique and fun way to explore artistic talents while being immersed in an enchanting theme. Environmentally friendly and reusable, it’s a great addition to any young artist’s collection.

  • Age 3+
  • 18 x 21cm