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Floss & Rock

Floss & Rock 20 Pc Shaped Jigsaw Puzzle Enchanted

Floss & Rock 20 Pc Shaped Jigsaw Puzzle – Enchanted

Product Description: Enter a world of magic and fantasy with the Floss & Rock 20 Pc Shaped Jigsaw Puzzle – Enchanted. This whimsical puzzle is designed to captivate and nurture young minds, offering a delightful challenge to children who love fairy tales and mystical adventures.

Key Features:

Enchanting Themed Puzzle: Comprised of 20 pieces, each featuring spellbinding illustrations, this puzzle is perfect for kids fascinated by magical worlds.
Skill Enhancement: The puzzle is designed to boost problem-solving skills, hand/eye coordination, and memory & concentration, making it a fantastic educational tool.
Sparkling Packaging: Presented in a beautifully shaped box with glitter or foil finishing touches, this puzzle is exceptionally giftable and a treasure to behold.

Why Choose This Product: The Floss & Rock 20 Pc Shaped Jigsaw Puzzle – Enchanted is not just a puzzle; it’s a portal to a world of imagination. It combines the joy of play with developmental benefits, making it an ideal choice for parents looking to engage their children in a meaningful activity.

Age: 3+

Jigsaw Size: Approx 34 x 41 cm
Packaging Size: Approx 25.5 x 17.5 x 4 cm

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