eeBoo Tell Me a Story – Quantum Koala

eeBoo Tell Me a Story – Quantum Koala: Adventures Through Time!

Product Description:  Designed for children aged 3 and up, this set features 36 vibrant cards, each measuring approximately 9.5 cm x 12 cm. Join three animals, a dinosaur, and a robot as they leap back to prehistoric times and zoom forward to a futuristic era.


Dynamic Storytelling: Involves a quirky mix of characters including animals, a dinosaur, and a robot, encouraging creative and imaginative narrative development.
Time Travel Adventures: Offers a range of settings from the distant past to the far future, enhancing the storytelling experience.
Versatile and Interactive: Recurring characters, locations, and props enable endless story combinations, keeping the game fresh and engaging.
Award-Winning Design: Celebrated with the Oppenheim Gold Award for its stimulating and imaginative gameplay.

Why Consider This Product: The set not only fosters creativity but also encourages interaction and cognitive development. With its fun and flexible gameplay, this card set is an excellent addition to any child’s collection, providing not just entertainment but a rich, imaginative play experience.

Ages 3+

Cards 9.52 x 12cm