eeBoo Tell Me a Story – Forest

eeBoo Tell Me A Story – Forest: Mysteries in the Woods!

Product Description: Suitable for children aged 3 and up, this set includes beautifully painted scenes and characters that invite storytellers to craft their own mysterious tales. Will the squirrel eavesdropping on the chipmunks connect to the one hiding golden coins under his acorns? It’s up to the players to decide the sequence and unfold the story.


Intriguing Storytelling: Offers a series of suspenseful and mysterious scenarios that spark imagination and narrative skills.
Recurring Elements: Features characters, locations, and props that recur across the cards, allowing for countless logical and whimsical story combinations.
Creative Development: Encourages critical thinking and creativity as children decide how to link the cards and solve the forest mysteries.
High-Quality Illustrations: Each card is beautifully illustrated, enhancing the storytelling experience with vivid and engaging artwork.

Why Consider This Product: It provides young storytellers with the framework to create and solve mysteries, making each play session a unique narrative adventure. Perfect for engaging young minds in creative play at home, in the classroom, or even on the go.

Ages: 3+
Cards 9.52 cm x 12 cm