eeBoo Tell Me a Story – A Very Busy Day

eeBoo Create a Story Cards – Whimsical Adventures: Unleash Imagination!

Product Description: Designed for children aged 3 and up, this set features 36 whimsically illustrated cards by Uta Krogmann. Each card presents a scene with friendly characters such as a bird, a bunny, a bear, and even a Martian embarking on delightful adventures. As children lay down each card, they weave their own unique stories, with no rules to limit their imagination.


Creative Storytelling: Encourages children to create and narrate their own adventures using charmingly illustrated cards.
Engaging Characters: Features a bird, a bunny, a bear, and a Martian, set in a variety of imaginative locations, inviting endless storytelling possibilities.
Award-Winning Design: Recognised with the Oppenheim Gold Award and SNAP Award for its exceptional educational value and innovative design.
Promotes Key Skills: Develops imagination, creativity, storytelling abilities, conversational skills, and vocabulary.

Why Consider This Product: This set is an excellent tool for parents and educators seeking to foster a deep love of storytelling and imaginative play.

Ages: 3+

Cards 9.52 x 12cm