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eeBoo Memory Match Mini – Dinosaurs

eeBoo Memory Match Mini – Dinosaurs: Tiny Titans, Mighty Memories!

Product Description: This compact memory game invites young paleontologists to match 18 pairs of dinosaur cards, each adorned with the stunning illustrations of Monika Forsberg. From the plated back of Stegosaurus to the mighty jaws of Allosaurus, this game not only sharpens recognition and memory skills but also introduces a fascinating array of dinosaurs. Perfectly portable, it’s the ideal game to pack in your Dino Backpack and bring along for fun, whether you’re on the move or nestled at home.


Portable Fun: Small enough to carry anywhere, ensuring that the prehistoric fun never has to end.
Broad Dinosaur Variety: Features 18 pairs of dinosaurs, offering an educational glimpse into the diverse world of these ancient creatures.
Skill Development: Enhances memory and recognition skills, crucial for early childhood development.
Vibrant Illustrations: Brought to life by Monika Forsberg’s vivid and child-friendly artwork, captivating young minds with every match.

Why Consider This Product: Its compact size makes it an excellent choice for travel, waiting rooms, or quiet play at home, turning every opportunity into a learning adventure.

  • Ages 3+
  • Box Dimensions 15.25 x 3.18 x 10.15 cm
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